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We believe that finding a professional Real Estate Appraiser should be easy!

AppraiserSearch.com allows lenders, homeowners, attorneys, real estate brokers, businesses, and other organizations to easily search and locate a professional appraiser.  We have re-built and re-designed AppraiserSearch.com from the ground up to give you all the features you need while still making it easy enough for anyone to use.  

With the best set of features in the market, 100% licensed real estate professionals combined with a new, user-friendly website; we believe we have created the best online resource to help our users quickly find a professional and state licensed real estate appraiser.   We redesigned AppraiserSearch.com to be faster, easier to use, and the market leader!

What Makes Us Different?
Online mapping tools, advanced search tools, and state licensed professionals...
  1. Ease of Use – Just a few short clicks to find a professional real estate appraiser.
  2. Commercial Real Estate Appraisers – Expanded search fields allows our users to quickly find the most qualified commercial appraiser for their needs.
  3. Residential Real Estate Appraisers – Use our advanced search tools and mapping features to find a highly qualified residential appraiser.
  4. All our listed real estate appraisers are state licensed.  
  5. Our people – friendly phone and email support to make your search easy and effective. 

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